Physiotherapist and Aerial Specialist. ltd.

PaAS is an Aerial school offering circus classes for children and adults. We aim to provide a broad program, inclusive of all levels of experience.
Aerial Circus, Trapeze, Aerial silks and double Aerial trapeze and Silks.
Pilates, sports massage and Physiotherapy consultations.


PaAS is an Aerial school offering circus classes for children and adults. PaAS aims to provide a broad program which is inclusive of all levels of experience and ability, and which responds to the needs and desires of its members. PaAS aims to develop as a company, in consultation with its members. I aim to offer individual instruction in a group setting, or one to one. Supporting every student's self-direction and ambition, whether it be to develop a performance career, or just to have fun.

Try Something new, The only Aerial school in South-West Devon.


Aerial Trapeze

Static trapeze, used to create amazing shapes and a bucket load of fun!

Aerial silks

Two ribbons used to wrap, drop and create a feeling like no other.

Aerial conditioning

Aerial silks and Aerial trapeze strength training.

Double Trapeze

Single static trapeze is fun, but how about teaming up with someone else and sharing the weight and the fun!

Pilates classes

My Pilates classes are used to learn how to access your pelvic floor for anti-natal, post-natal, male or female client. This class can assist in returning to work, helping with exercise induced leakage, or when coughing or sneezing. This class is for amateur to elite athletes, to assist with core control and use with heavy lifting.

Sports massage

Physiotherapy specific massage.

Physiotherapy consultations

Physiotherapy consultations: return to work, injury prevention and management. Amateur to elite athletes. pregnancy and Women health specialist.

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Aerial Trapeze and Silks instructed class, Pilates class.

Strength and Aerial skills instructed class. 1-6 clients. Small class: £10 pp, minimum 3 to 4 clients. smaller number in the class is classified as a private or semi private and would be £30 for an hour.


Drop in training.

For members only. To practice skills under 'booking only'.


Physiotherapy consultations

£45 initial Physiotherapy consultations (45 mins), and £35 follow up (30 mins).


Sports massage

£35 for 30 mins, physiotherapy specific. 3 sessions for £90


IT'S TIME TO GET FIT! Try something new.


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